The True Jihad (Struggle)

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Every true believer in Allah (God Almighty) would have accepted His divine Grace and mercy and thus understand that Allah is the Creator, Sustainer and cherisher of the universe, he would have willingly submitted his will to the decree of His Lord. 

What is “JIHAD”? the word jihad is an Arabic word which has its root in the word “Jahada”, which means struggle or strive in order to improve oneself. The word Jihad which is usually misinterpreted as “holy War” has been strongly politicized and intentionally misused by the western press in order to demonize the Muslims and malign the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, some ignorant Muslims writers and translators, due to their lack of proper understanding of English language have also adopted that meaning and also call or explain it as such, whereas, holy war is written differently in Arabic language and this is not what is found in the message of the Noble Qur’an or the Hadith.

Allah says in the noble qur’an:

“We have enjoined on people kindness to parents; but if they STRIVE (Jahadaka) to make you ascribe partners with Me that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not…” [Noble Quran 29:8; also see 31:15]

 If we accept the word Jihad to mean Struggle or Strive, then it will be easy to understand that the intention of Allah with regards the usage of the word “Jahadakah” in the qur’an will have negated the ungodly meaning “holy war” is written as “Al-Harbu Al-Muqaddasatu” in Arabic language which has been attributed to it as its meaning. Therefore, it should be emphasized that according to Islamic teachings, it is strictly forbidden for a Muslim to start or instigate a war, however, Islam does not forbid the use of force as a last resort in order to bring about the greater good or peace to the people, for this reason some wars are inevitable and justifiable. The words “holy war” in Arabic means “Harbun Muqaddasatu,” and this cannot be found in the noble Qur’an. Every truthful western researcher and scholars of the Qur’an and he Hadith collections or other Islamic literature, are aware of this fact and they cannot produce any different meaning to the word “Jihad” as meaning a holy war.

Allah says: “to enjoin good and forbid evil.” (Quran: 3:104).

Every nation has the right to defend its people from external enemies and aggression, The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave various guidelines:

  • Do not dishonor a treaty.
  • Do not mutilate the dead.
  • Do not kill women. Do not kill children. Do not kill the old.
  • Do not kill those without weapons. Do not kill those engaged in worship (priests, rabbis etc.)
  • Do not cut down trees. Do not burn crops. Do not poison wells of your enemies. Fight only those who come at you.

For Muslims the term JIHAD is applied to all forms of STRIVING and has developed some special meanings over time. The sources of this development are the Quran (the Word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Contrary to the hypocrisy of those who are bent on giving bad names to the religion of Islam by distorting the truth, the Quran and the Hadith use the word “jihad” in several different contexts.

to be continued…

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