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photo: courtesy, SAVERAH Expo 2016


I visited the Saverah Women Expo, which is undoubtedly the Biggest Modest (Muslim) Fashion Show in UK. Although, I first heard of the event which was started in 2015, via a promotional advert shown on Islam channel but i was unable to attend due to my busy schedule but i knew it would be worth visiting one of these days, therefore, as soon as i heard about this year’s event, i promptly noted the date it in my diary so as to be sure i didn’t miss it this time around.

The exposition event was primarily designed to highlight and promote direct contact between the fast growing Muslim population in the western hemisphere and Muslim fashion design houses all over the world. Today’s event (their second), brought together a similar atmosphere as we have known or at least seen on television whereby big fashion brands and names are brought together to showcase the next fashion collections and trends they are introducing to the market. The organizers of SAVERAH EXPO believed it is absolutely worthwhile and  necessary to give such a well deserving and befitting expo to the fast growing Muslim population in the UK and Europe, and they are definitely correct. 

The expo provides a platform to Muslim women in order to support and showcase their amazing skills and talents. It brings together a variety of resources in one place, from women-owned businesses and fashion to beauty, lifestyle and health.Daily-UK-Times-London-ad

But as Muslims, we believe in modest dressing as demanded by God through all Abrahamic faiths, but that only Islam strongly emphasizes this as part of the Muslim identity, this is why SAVERAH EXPO have brought some of the creme-de-la-creme of Islamic fashion names and designers together again at this year’s event. Designers both Local & International showcased their beautiful but equally elegantly modest latest collection on the catwalk of Saverah Women Expo and also offers very interesting opportunity to all Muslim women who attended the event to grab the latest fashion and accessories in town at Expo-discounted price.

Although, it was one-hundred percent ladies event, men are not exempted from attending, honestly, i must confess, i was really proud of all my sisters, daughters and mothers who were present at the event. i strongly recommend that all Muslim brothers either attend future events with their wives or encourage their wives to attend.

mrs. Funmi Hancook, at SAVERAH EXPO 2016
With Dr. Mrs. Funmi Hancook at the expo

A Nigerian born American best seller author TV and radio show host, entrepreneur, success coach, behavioral health expert and a philanthropist. Dr. Funmi Hancock was also at the event where she was proudly promoting and showcasing some of her very inspiring and educating books in which she highlighted her ideas to help other women become self sufficient in wealth creation and education. Although she is a princess from a royal house in Nigeria, despite her fame and success Dr. Funmi (Princess) is very welcoming and down-to-earth personality.  One of her latest books is titled “Quit Your Job in 90 Days”, a very interesting one to read.

Dr. Funmi said, although she grew up as a christian, she said studied Islam as for one year as a student, thus explaining her profound interest in the Islam faith, closeness to Muslims and culture. I pray may Allah(swt) give her Idiayah, Amin.

The expo with more than 100 Muslim women exhibitors in attendance and over 5,000 visitors expected to attend the InterContinental London venue,  also offers exchange of business networking and contact opportunities between sisters as well as educational seminars and professional presentations by various motivational speakers like Princess Dr. Funmi Hancock.

But one sad thing I noticed, was non-attendance of the Muslim women of African origin or decent in huge numbers at such events, as a regular visitor to various Muslim events, I know that such events are very good, encouraging, motivating and eye opening for me and i strongly believe it will go a long way to encourage other Muslims, who otherwise my not be aware of the great strides Muslims are taking in this country; if they attend such Muslim events regularly.

Islam is about collective responsibility, not selfishness and shortsightedness is only in the negative, whereas togetherness is to the benefit of all. 

The event is no doubt, a very useful and encouraging one for the Muslim communities in the United Kingdom and beyond.

*Check future Muslim Events on SALAAM Africa 

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